Craving energized skin glowing with plump and perky perfection while trying to detox your complexion from oil excess?

Deliciously rich in cleansing cucumber, luscious lavender, well-seasoned with an unique mix of minerals, micro elements, and vitamins B, C, and E, Panacea Urban Apothecary’s “Detox Mix” is a brand new organic skin diet, an exquisite meal specially made by our chef pharmacist to meet the most exigent tastes of the most pretentious skin, oily and mixed skin and acne-prone skin.

Press “refresh” with this new treatment that soothes irritation, lightens blemishes, and has a gentle astringent effect.

Treat and detox, pamper to protect, and mmmoisturize while renewing your ravishing radiance.

No parabens, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, and silicones – just gourmet delicacies for envy-worthy skin.

All of this will make your complexion feel young, strong, hydrated, soft and yummy again!

Tips and tricks: Apply a generous layer of cream on your fresh cleansed face and neckline, then leave your skin to enjoy the delicious ingredients for a couple of minutes. You can spoil your complexion with this treat twice a day!
*This cream is recommended for oily and mixed skin and acne-prone skin.